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About Us

About Us

Who We Are

DVDBITS goal is to provide the best prices for used DVDs & Blu-rays on the Internet. DVDBITS has grown over the years to become a premiere website that offers customers with an easy to use website, outstanding customer service, secure shopping, fast shipping.

We are adding new DVDs on a daily basis as our inventory grows. We buy DVD movies & Blu-ray movies in bulk therefore we are able to sell and buy DVD movies at discount prices. Lowest Total Prices means: DVDBITS provides convenience and allows you to order the best movies on Blu-ray & DVD at the lowest total price. Different merchants provide sharp discounts on different movies. With DVDBITS you will find the deals you want on every movie, whether it is action, horror, drama, Disney, comedy you still save.

We at DVDBITS appreciate your business and look forward to serving your entertainment needs. Our customers enjoy using the site frequently to discover specials on used Blu-ray & DVDs. If you have friends who share your high regard of cinema, please invite them visit our site, or simply email them this website. Thank you for helping us spread the word and makes these movies available to as many people as possible.

So if you have not shopped at DVDBITS give us a try... you won't be disappointed.
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