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Bad Ass DVD|Danny Trejo|Ron Perlman|Bad Ass Movie
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Bad Ass DVD Movie

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Danny Trejo (Machete) packs a punch in this bare-fisted, bone-crunching action thriller inspired by true events. Shunned by society for nearly forty years, Vietnam War veteran Frank Vega (Trejo) becomes an instant celebrity when he thwarts a hate crime on a city bus and footage of the incident goes viral on the Internet. But when his best friend is murdered-and the police seem unwilling to help-Vega takes his new Bad Ass nickname to the extreme against corrupt cops and a crooked mayor (Perlman) in pursuit of old-school justice!


Ron Perlman Danny Trejo Charles S. Dutton


Craig Moss Studio: 20th Century Fox

Production Year: 2012

Release Date: 6/5/2012

Length: 89 mins

Rating: R

UPC Code: 024543806813
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