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World War Z Blu-ray Movie|Brad Pitt|Mireille Enos
World War Z Blu-rayZoom

World War Z Blu-ray

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World War Z Blu-ray Movie

WWZ is a truly impressive movie, especially considering it's a PG-13 zombie movie. While I do like the gore in a zombie film, this movie proved you don't need it. The zombies were frightening, the realistic science was there, warfare is taken into account, and overall it just felt like what would really happen if the zombie apocalypse happened.

Marc Forster's directing was superb, showcasing both the epic scale of a global panic and war, while showing us the smaller battles and struggles that are happening everywhere else. This movie has the perfect transition, going from the massive blockbuster to a classic zombie movie setting. When it comes to acting, it was great. There were only two moments where the dialogue didn't quite match (when Gerry talks to Warmbrunn about the wall in Jerusalem), and even though there won't be any Awards the acting was still great.

The visuals were happily polished, being more realistic, especially having both CG and practical zombies, with amazing make-up. You can see my review of the musical score on the soundtrack's page (by Marco Beltrami). But then there is the cinematography.

World War Z Blu-ray Movie

Actors: Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos, Daniella Kertesz

Directors: Marc Forster World War Z Blu-ray Movie

Studio: Paramount

DVD Release Date: September 17, 2013

Run Time: 116 minutes

UPC: 032429138149
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